On Current Events

In case I hadn’t made it clear on the home page of this blog:


If you do not, get the fuck off my blog. This is not a safe place for you.

I cannot be on the front lines of the protests. If I could, I would. Hopefully the protests will be over before I am able to be.

The oppression of minorities in America has gone on for too long. Too many have died. Too many have been hurt. Peaceful protests have for years been met with derision and threats of violence. Their voices taken away, silenced to make the majority feel comfortable and the elites feel safe.

No more.

In the meantime I will be doing what Work I can to support those who I can. I suggest you do the same.

Pack Magic is a place for all peoples, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or disability. Pack Magic is about connection, not separation.

It is our differences that make us great.

To my POC friends:

I am not black. But I see you. I hear you. I will never understand, but I will try to learn, I will try to be better. I stand with you. I mourn with you. And I will do what I can to use my privilege to make things better for those who don’t have it.

I Miss You All

I miss you all.

With every breath, with every blink, with every beat of my heart I miss you all.

I miss the sounds of your voices, replaced by silence and the same damn tv show because I can’t handle anything else.

I miss the smell of you, replaced with my own breath behind this fucking mask.

I miss the sight of you, replaced now by screens and windows and text that makes me think of you.

I miss the touch of you, replaced by cold glass and colder longing.

My eyes are full of tears, my throat catches just from the thought of walking in your front door once again. 

When this is over.

But for now I wait.  Because if I don’t, then you might die.  And then the tears will NEVER leave my eyes and my heart will never unclench.

So, I miss you all.


So. I really was planning on doing a lot more regular posting, but as always, life gets in the way.

Between life being busy, and learning more and more as I go through all of this, things are moving much slower than I’d anticipated.

Further, there’s a bit of an issue with the Pack MAGIC series I had been writing: Some of the material I’d been planning to write…is actually going to be initiated material only, so I can’t give it to the general public. I had meant for everything in that series to be public information, but the Spirits had other ideas. I should have figured that out before saying I would write about everything, but live and learn I guess.

So, please forgive my slow pace, my inconsistency, and over-estimating what I can and cannot share on this blog.

Also! There’s likely to be some non-Pack focused material coming soon, interspersed here and there. Hopefully you enjoy that as well.

Pack MAGIC: Protection

So. Protection. What is it, and how do you do it?
It’s pretty simple on the surface. Keeping yourself safe and healthy. But how do we accomplish this? There’s two main things: Keeping negative things away from us, and getting rid of them if they do attach to us.

So, to start with, some rough definitions:
Shielding: This is the process of protecting yourself energetically.
Warding: Basically shielding but for a space rather than a person. Wards can be temporary or more permanent.
Cleansing: Cleansing is the process of cleaning ourselves and/or a space when, not if but when, something gets through your shields or wards.

Why Is this Important?
Shielding is important, not just to stay safe, but also because there’s a lot of garbage out in the world. Running around without shields is much like running around naked and barefoot. You’ll end up covered in random energetic detritus and attract all kinds of bottom feeder, parasitic spirits. It’s just so much easier to shield. Shielding is putting a barrier up between yourself and the outside world, and only allowing through the things that you want to get through. It is not about creating an impenetrable barrier around yourself that nothing can get through. That would be both impractical and frankly somewhat counterproductive. You’re trying to create a semi-permeable membrane, let in the things you want, leave out the things you don’t.
Cleansing and Warding are much the same, ridding or protecting against that which you want to keep out, not effecting the things you do want.
If you’re a beginner, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE also read the next few sets of blog posts and especially the next post which will have grounding and centering techniques. I cannot stress how important these fundamentals are. Seriously.

How Does Pack Magic Address these Practices?
Tip #1: Remember, YOU AREN’T ALONE. Don’t rely entirely on your own energy. Call on your allies. Tap into The Pack. Tap into the Earth, tap into the Sky. Your energy reserves are limited. Period. If you rely entirely and only on your own reserves, you can run out. But if you’re tapped in, if you can rely on an external source when you need it, this becomes less of a problem. Also, don’t take these relationships for granted. The point of Pack Magic is the collective. One wolf is 100 lbs. (approximately) of fangs and fuck off. One wolf is real dangerous. But in the end, the reason the wolf is a super predator is because of pack, because they aren’t alone, they don’t live alone, they don’t hunt alone. The strength of the Wolf is the Pack and the strength of the Pack is the Wolf.
Tip #2: Remember that you’re a predator. As either a wolf or a human, you are a predator. That doesn’t make you better or worse. But it does make you inherently dangerous. People often get really afraid of the spirit world, and there’s good reason for that. But don’t forget, don’t ever forget that you’re a predator.

Now that that’s a bit out of the way, let’s get into some of the practicalities of how one might go about these vital actions, and my experiences in testing out the recommendations I give.

Pack Shielding: For members of The Pack, I’m going to suggest two different techniques. They aren’t mutually exclusive, and they aren’t the only ways. If you already know how to shield, I suggest you read them, then jump to the super secret THIRD technique that I’m going to suggest. So, that said, let’s get to it.

Technique 1: To be completely honest, this isn’t really a technique I can teach over this medium and that’s why I say it isn’t for beginners.
Wolves don’t have shells. They’ve got thick fur and tough hides, but in the end they aren’t turtles. The reason wolves don’t tend to have predators is because they’ve got amazing senses to alert them of danger and the ability to eat pretty much anything that tries to attack them (I know it’s more complicated than that, I’m simplifying). That’s the basis of this first technique. Your goal here is to BE wolf. That’s why shapeshifting comes in handy, being able to shift the form of your astral body is awfully useful in becoming wolf-like. You should still be making sure that metaphysical fur and hide are thick, but the majority of what you’re looking to do here is focusing on your metaphysical senses and your ability to intimidate or eat anything that tries mess with you. Your goal is to see, hear, or smell anything that comes to mess with you, give off enough predatory aura that most things reconsider, and back that up with fang, claw, and ferocity. Make your astral body into as ferocious of a wolf as possible.

Tips and tricks: Make sure your relationships are strong. The strength of the wolf is The Pack. Wolves work best in a group. Make sure you can count on your spirit allies to back you up if you need it. Stay alert. The key to this technique is staying light and mobile.
My experience with this technique: I’m gonna be frank. I don’t care for it. Doesn’t suit me. It works, works damn well. But it takes too much energy and too much focus for me to find it practical. I see why it’d appeal to others, just doesn’t much work for me. I tried it on for size a few times a day for several days. Felt light and free, felt very natural. Also wore me out before long. I couldn’t keep it up, especially with the amount of stress I was under at the time (that frankly we all are, given the fact that there’s a global pandemic).

Technique 2: This technique is probably much more beginner friendly. Basic idea is as follows. You take the energies of the Pack Magic system from a few posts ago and you wrap it around yourself like a suit of armor or a shell.
Do this with whatever energies seem to suit you best. Perhaps the bright, brilliant energies of the Sky, circling you with an unending barrier of storms and empty air. Perhaps the solidity of Earth, rising around you in a layer of stone and earth. Perhaps you connect best with the deep, ancestral energies of Silence. That might make a terrifying shield indeed. I recommend doing several layers of shielding. That can take some practice, but it’s something to work your way up to. As a visualization, start out with the exercise in the energy system post. Once you’ve gone through each of the centers, take energy from the center you feel most strongly, and pull it over you, like a sheet, surrounding your entire body. Remember that this energy is yours. It won’t harm you and its job is to protect you.
My experience with this technique: See the next section!

Super Secret Technique 3: Now, this shouldn’t be too much of a shock for anyone who’s experienced with shielding, but it should be a relatively simple process to weave Pack energies into your existing shields, or to create additional layers of protection. This is my primary experience with shielding with Pack Magic. I already had an established shielding system, and when Technique 1 didn’t work out quite so well for me, it occurred me that I could use Technique 2 in addition to my normal shielding, weaving layers of Pack energies underneath and on top of my existing layers of shielding. In my particular case, I primarily have layers of Howl, Hunt, and Earth energy layered among my other shields. And damn if it isn’t comfy. My first teacher was a Chaos Magician. I’m used taking what works and making my own path out of it, and this tradition isn’t meant to be mutually exclusive. Now, some traditions do protections spells and such and, to my understanding, this isn’t that (although I’ll leave most of my speculation about what makes a spell and what doesn’t to the Spellwork post that’s gonna be the end of this series). This is a shield. Things will eventually get through, and it’s not super great at getting rid of spells (I’ve got other defenses for that).

Warding: So warding in concept is very similar to shielding, but in practice is very different for one main reason. You won’t be present all the time that the wards are up (most likely). As my primary example I’m going to be talking about permanent wards around a home. Since you won’t be present all the time to power your wards (yes you can power things remotely but that’s not my point) you definitely want your wards to be tied to a power source outside of yourself. Even if you have massive reserves of energy and can pull it off, why would you want to? That’s a lot of work you don’t have to put in, energy that you could put into other projects.
So how do you go about making wards? There’s several ways to go about this. As with shielding, I recommend several layers to any warding around your home. I’m a paranoid bastard, but I’ve got about 9 different layers to the protections around my home. I’m going to present 4 ways you might go about making wards. None of these are exclusive to Pack Magic, though there is certainly a certain amount of Pack flair that might make the wards more personal and effective for someone called to this path. Also, and again, I recommend multiple layers of warding. I don’t think of any of these as sufficient by themselves. Some of these techniques might be optional, but some them I would say are absolutely mandatory.

Technique 1 (mandatory): Cleansing and maintaining your space and maintaining good relations with your gods, ancestors, and spirits. I’ll cover some cleansing here and more in the next post. And before you think that this isn’t protection, it very very much is. Maintaining good hygiene is one of the best ways to maintain your physical health, to keep your physical body and your physical home clean and clear of parasites and vermin. And maintaining good relationships with your Holy Powers helps to maintain that clean and clear space in your home. It creates an environment in which parasites and vermin and bottom feeders, and other such undesirables are unwelcome and uncomfortable, where they cannot thrive. Relating back to Pack Magic specifically, think of it like a wolf den. A den full of rot and detritus will harbor disease and parasites. This is bad for you. On the other hand, maintaining a clean and healthy space makes things inviting and comfortable for yourself and those you form relationships with.

Technique 2 (Optional): Forming a relationship with a spirit (or spirits) who can act as guardian of your home. Such a relationship might take many different forms. From a set of stones or crystals that agree to and that you empower to such a task, to an ancestor spirit you make an arrangement with, to simply asking your house spirits for aid and making the appropriate arrangements with them. If you have a close enough relationship with a deity, you might even ask and arrange for such protection. Obviously, this ties very strongly into Technique 1. And don’t forget that The Pack is a spirit. Invite Them in. The point of this tradition is forming relationships with these Wolf spirits. Asking them to help keep your home safe makes sense.

Technique 3 (Mandatory): I call this technique mandatory because to my mind, a house should have walls. Now the reality is that you can probably replace this one with other techniques, but I found and still find this technique to be very beginner friendly and generally effective. This technique is straightforward, but also energy demanding. It’s especially important to have your energy basics down and be able to tie these wards into an energy source outside yourself. With this technique you’re basically building walls of energy. You can use whatever energy or combinations make most sense to you, be this your typical elemental energies, the energies from The Pack Magic system (obviously I’m going to recommend these to those on this path), pretty much any energy you’re comfortable with can become a solid ward. Now, running with the Pack Magic energies. First, just like with shielding use what comes most naturally to you. I suspect that a lot of people will find that the solid, physical energy of Earth will tend to make them think walls. So, tap into that energy. Draw it up into yourself, feel it filling you. Then, however makes intuitive sense to you, push that energy out to form thick walls, either inside the actual physical walls of your home, or just outside of them. Don’t forget your floor and ceiling. I tend to like some extra precautions around doors and windows, as well as mirrors. Once the walls are up, seal them off, so that they are no longer tied to your personal energy, but ensure that they are still being powered by your chosen energy source (and I’m assuming here that you’ve gotten permission to do so, another reason I suggest Earth, She’s pretty easy going about this). I realize that that might not make a lot of sense to people who are new. If you’re having trouble with this, please feel free to reach out to me. I’ll be honest, I’m crap at teaching these kinds of things online. Hence the massive importance of an in-person teacher if at all possible.
Basically what you’re doing with this technique is building yourself a cave, making that den that we talked about earlier.

Super Secret Technique 4: So this technique is specific to Pack Magic. And frankly it’s kind of a combination of shielding, warding, and cleansing, but bear with me. The Pack is the home that travels with you. It is also the best tool to defend that home and to drive predators and enemies away. Use that energy to shield. Use it to ward. Use it to cleanse. IT IS THE CENTER OF THIS TRADITION. Really can’t emphasize that enough. Like, yes, use what you’re most comfortable with, but if you’re on this path you’re gonna have to get REAL comfy with Pack energy. Once you’ve put up your walls, fill your home with Pack energy. Let it fill the inside of your shields. As many traditions have fire, indeed as our human ancestors had fire to warm them at night, to drive back the terror of the dark, and as their weapon against those terrors, so we have The Pack.

Cleansing: Now, onto cleansing. There’s two kinds of cleansing to my mind. While they function much the same, there are a few differences in practical terms. Cause, here’s the thing. At some point, something with either sneak or break past your shields and/or wards. And that’s ok! These things happen. In the vast majority of cases, these will either be simple bottom feeding parasites or minor malignant spirits. And now that they’re here, it’s time to get rid of them. So let’s talk about how.

Technique 1: Eat the damn things. Wait, wait, before I get hate mail: I 100% meant that. This is a Wolf tradition. Wolves are predators. We eat things. And straight up, that’s one of the easiest, most straightforward ways of getting rid of things. Hard for things to bother you when you’re digesting them. And yes, there’s the possibility that things might not agree with you too well energetically. That’s fine. We’ll go over grounding and further cleansing techniques in the next post that should prevent this from being much of a problem if it ever comes up. Truth be told, this method of cleansing tends to come very easily to the wolf skinned that I know. Not everyone called to this path will be wolf skinned. It is not a requirement by any stretch. But regardless, cleansing in this fashion may (but not necessarily and no shame if it is not) be something you find yourself somewhat adept at.

Technique 2: Drive them out. This can be done in a multitude of ways. I mentioned at the beginning that I don’t use sage and I stand by that (there’s a multitude of reasons, from cultural appropriation to environmental impact). However, many people find the burning of sacred herbs to be useful for this (No this isn’t Smudging. It is simply smoke cleansing. Yes, there’s a difference.). Others the use of the sound of drums, bells, even the banging of iron pots and pans. The use of salt, iron, blessed water, circambulation with fire. Calling upon deities, ancestors, spirit allies to assist you in driving unwanted spirits out. Hell, you can even flush things out with your own energy, and often with the threat of Technique 1. Using the energy of Howl, or calling on Howl as a spirit to aid you might be particularly effective for driving out anything that doesn’t relish the idea of being eaten. To be honest, I recommend using multiple methods at once (seeing a pattern here I hope?) and especially calling on your allies.

And that, more or less, is the basics of protection. Please keep in mind that most of these techniques are heavily dependent upon the self-maintenance techniques found in the next post. It might seem odd to post this first, but I felt moved to. Please keep in mind that self-maintenance and protection go hand in hand. There cannot be the one without the other.
I’ll likely put together another “Protection” post at some point relatively soon (once the current run series is finished) that’s less Pack focused and more beginner friendly.


So (and yes, it seems like I’m going to start every single post with “so”), what’s the point of this whole tradition? Right? Like, what, beyond the relationships (which in ZERO fashion am I discounting), is the point of all of this? What the bloody hell can you DO with this?

Well, the answer is: A whole fucking lot.

In the end, what does Magic do for us? A few things really. I’m gonna try to break things down into useful categories. Yes, I’m gonna miss shit. No, not everything I say is going to jive exactly with what you were taught, with what your tradition says, with how you do things. Etc. Such is life. If you feel I GROSSLY misstepped, missed something of extreme importance, or something of the sort, please let me know. I’m happy to learn, hell sometimes I’m even happy to argue if that’s what you’re into. Anyway I’ve tried to break things down into categories:

Protection: Warding, sheilding, even some forms of cleansing go under this category. Keeping yourself and others safe from unwanted spiritual intrusion.

Maintenance: I was really unsure what to call this category, but this is where I put grounding, centering, cleansing, even prayer and meditation. These are the spiritual things that keep a person in balance, that keep their feet on the ground, keep their head on straight, keep them moving forward, keep them in good health, all of that.

Information: I was thinking of just calling this category divination, but then I realized that there’s honestly more to it than that. Journey work, divination, more. A lot of this work is about gathering information. Information we don’t have. Information we need. Information we can use to improve our lives or the lives of others.

Spellwork: This is the category of will. Of getting what you want, getting what you need. This is the category of acting on the information you’ve gathered. This can take a lot of shapes: rituals, candle spells, sigils, songs, screaming aimlessly into the void and hoping.

Over the next 4 posts I plan on digging into each of these topics from a Pack Magic perspective. Basic techniques, theorycrafting, and my own experiences trying those theories out.

Pack Magic Spirits

This post is to be an overview of some of the main spirits involved in this tradition.

This is not ALL of the spirits involved. That would be literally impossible to list, let alone describe. But this is a primer, an overview of the primary spirits and deities involved. As with anything, any given person’s interactions with spirits and deities will be different. It’s entirely possible that the deities involved if you are pulled to this tradition will be quite different than they are for me, even if they are the exact same entities. I was originally going to try to separate things into gods, greater spirits, and lesser spirits. But frankly that line is so damn blurry and unimportant I’m not going to bother. So, onto the list:

The Pack: The Pack is a Míkilvaettir or Great Spirit. The Pack is inherently plural. It is one entity made of many, a gestalt force. And it is MIGHTY. It is in fact connected to every wolf, physical or spiritual. As a rough gloss, think of the Platonic Form of what Wolf Pack is and you’ve got a fair handle on things. It is the manifestation of ALL wolf packs, and as such, all wolves. Even wolf packs of one are still packs. This is one of two primary spirits associated with this tradition. If you deal with no other spirits on this list (unlikely, but I’d rather not make a liar of myself by stating absolutes), The Pack and The Wolf form the necessary foundation on which this tradition is built.

The Wolf: The Wolf is the singular to The Pack’s plural. While The Pack is the manifestation of all wolves in plural, The Wolf is the manifestation of every wolf in singular. To quote Rudyard Kipling, “The strength of The Pack is The Wolf, and the strength of The Wolf is The Pack.” The two Míkilvaettir are inextricably linked, tied to each other so deeply that I would have a hard time telling you where one begins and the other ends. They are separate and distinct spirits, but when it comes to such things, the lines get blurry. Suffice it to say that when you think of the word “Wolf” pretty much every possible thing you can think of is tied into this spirit. And the same goes for “Pack”.

These two spirits are truly the foundation of this tradition. They are massive, and mighty. They also don’t necessarily desire worship, at least not as we Westerners tend to think of it. They appreciate it, and in my experience They generally won’t tell you no, but I’ve never had Them ask me for offerings. In my experience They enjoy gifts of water and raw meat. Other offerings may or may not go over well. That’s between you and Them. If you work with no other spirits on this list, if you want to be involved in this tradition you will be involved with these two spirits.

The Earth: Every polytheist religion that I know of has at least one god or goddess that is in some sense the embodied Earth. There’s a reason for this. The Earth is potent in all its physical and spiritual significance. I could write a dozen books on this topic and not cover everything. If you already work with or worship an Earth deity, working with them directly, or asking for their help here is generally a good idea. Personally, I am exploring a connection with Pachamama, a Q’ero deity (I am not of the Q’ero peoples. I am not professing to be an expert. I have a deep respect and admiration for the Q’ero people. I do not claim any kind of heritage or expertise. I am merely doing my best to follow the deities that call to me while respecting the culture and peoples with whom they first found good relation.). In whatever way works for you, connection the The Earth is important. It ties you to physicality, to the here and the now. You are here. You live in a body, on The Earth. That is important and beautiful. Finding that connection to an embodied Earth, to physical spirituality is incredibly important to this tradition. While I won’t say it’s necessarily required, but I’d say that 9.9/10 times, you’ll be better off for it. Think of it this way: This is a tradition about wolves, physical beings whose primary concerns are food and pups and safety. Spirituality and physicality are not opposing forces. They are one in the same. Connecting to The Earth is a way to manifest that.

The Sky: Just the same as there are gods and goddesses of Earth everywhere, so too are there gods and goddesses of The Sky. And much the same principles apply here. Please keep in mind, I’m not talking about checking boxes here. Quite the opposite. I’m talking about cultivating real, powerful relationships. Relationships that can and will change you. Whether that means connecting to a classical sky deity, or simply to the embodied Sky itself, these connections to something greater than ourselves are important. The Sky has seen countless lives play out beneath it. It is greater and older than the human mind can really grasp. This is what we are connecting to, a living being older than we can imagine that has witnessed the lives of countless humans, and not humans, each as unique and vivid and complex as yours. Be grateful for this connection. It is more than worth it.

The Hunt: The Hunt? But that’s an action. How can that be a spirit? Honest answer: If I understood how all of this worked, how spirits and gods worked, I wouldn’t be writing this blog, I’d be worrying about very different kinds of things. It isn’t my place to understand such things, only to describe and pass along my experiences as best I can and hopefully help someone while I’m at it. The Hunt is hard to describe as a spirit, because it isn’t like most of the other spirits on this list. It isn’t embodied like Earth or Sky; it isn’t a collective expression like Wolf or Pack. It is the spirit of an action, of the drive behind it, and the emotions (emotions isn’t the right word, we don’t have a word in english for this I don’t think) during it. But the spirit is there, reaching out, guiding, driving us along in its way. The Hunt is not malicious, nor is it benign. It can be brutal, but is far from unthinking, and it has a unique and necessary wisdom to share.

The Silence: The Silence is death. We approach it with caution. We approach it with reverence. We approach it with fear. We approach it with respect. We carry it within us, we enter into it to usher Prey into it, and we know that one day we will enter and never leave, at least not in our current incarnations. We worship death because we are death, because we bring death, because death will claim us. This is right and good. This is the natural order of the world. And The Silence has so very much to teach us. For The Silence contains all the hidden things, that which does not wish to be seen or that which we do not wish to see.

The Howl: The Howl is life. All over the world, from India to South America, from Ancient Greece to Viking Norway, breath is life. As true for a wolf as it is for a human. And The Howl is the expression of breath, sent up in thanks to The Sky. The Howl is the spirit of life that resides in every wolf. It isn’t The Wolf, it is the spark of life, the will and drive that animates. The Howl has many brother and sister spirits (that’s not the right word, but there isn’t one really. I’m running across a lot of things that don’t translate well to english, go figure.), Ond, Prana, and on and on. Related, connected, but unique. As we approach The Silence with respect and reverence and fear, so we approach The Howl with love, with joy, with trepidation. For we know that while it blesses our lungs in this moment, in the next it may be gone.

The Prey: Make no mistake, we are not *better* than our food. We are not *worse* than our food. It is an ongoing, dynamic, living relationship. And the spirit of Prey deserves our respect and worship and thanks as much as any other spirit on this list. Never forget, one day we will be prey for the worms (or other decomposers). The Prey, in my experience, is a collective spirit, possibly a collective of spirits but that doesn’t feel quite as right, a Míkilvaettir, another of these Platonic Form type spirits. I don’t pretend to understand them entirely. I don’t think it’s possible. But they give their lives so that we might live. I’m not going to pretend that it’s pretty, or loving, or a willing painless sacrifice. I’m not trying to make this relationship out to be something that it is not. But the Pack, the Wolf, cannot exist without the Prey. They deserve our respect and love and veneration for that, if for nothing else (and there’s plenty else).

You may have noticed that most of the spirits listed so far match up with the energy centers from my last blog entry. There’s a reason. These are both spirits, entities vital to this tradition, and energies. They can be approached both ways. I recommend respect and reverence with either approach, and I recommend using both as necessary/appropriate. This isn’t an either/or. This is a both. To steal an example from particle physics, just as electrons and photons (and others) can be seen as both a particle and a wave, so too can things be seen as both spirits and energies. In fact, using the energy system is an excellent way for most people to begin interacting with, getting a feel (or scent ha) for these spirits.

Most of the spirits/gods that I describe next are going to seem more straightforward and in some ways they are. Most of them are relatively well known, and at the very least have active followers in the world right now, sources of information to draw on. I don’t have experience with all of these spirits and gods, but I know people who do and have talked to them about their experiences.

Odin: Wise Wanderer, Old Bastard, Runatyr, Grimnir, Ulfhednarfather, Allfather. Odin has many names, many faces. As I’m sure you’ve noticed from my name, He is also my patron god. Interesting then, that it was not Odin who led me down this path or taught me the ways of The Pack. Now, I’m not saying He isn’t involved. He is. But for reasons I can only guess at, He had others teach me (at least so far). For those of you not familiar with the Old Man, I recommend you tread carefully. Odin can and will chew you up and spit you out if you let him. My love for Odin runs to the core of my being, and very often He is the loving father there to pick you up when you fall down. But let us not pretend that he isn’t who He is. He will give you knowledge, at a terrible price. He will gladly give you what you want, but it may well cost more than you are willing to pay. All that said, myself and many others have wonderful relationships with Odin, and he is certainly a wolf deity, willing and able to help people along this path. He is the Ulfhednarfather, father of the wolf-skinned, and it should come as no surprise that many of His people are drawn to wolves.

An Morrígan: The Great Queen, The Phantom Queen. Celtic goddess of sovereignty, death, war, magic, and prophecy. I’m sure I’m missing things here. An Morrígan is a complex and wonderful goddess who has many sides as well. One of those sides is a wolf. The Great Queen led me on my final initiatory Hunt for the first level of Pack Magic. If you choose to seek Her out, or if She seeks you out, be ready for a wild ride. In my experience She demands respect in a way that other deities often don’t (not that I recommend disrespecting gods in general…). The Great Queen is a demanding mistress, but She also loves Her followers with all the fierceness of the She-Wolf. As with any deity, do your research. And know that every relationship is unique. My experience with An Morrígan is very different than that of my friends, and will change and grow with time.

Cernunnos: As a devotee of Cernunnos I am constantly appalled by the wild misinformation that is out there about Him. I will be devoting at least one article at some point entirely to Him. For now, suffice it to say that Cernunnos was the one who originally led me down this Path. It was at His hands that I first learned what I needed to of Pack Magic, He who led my first initiatory Hunts. Make no mistake, Cernunnos is a predator god just as much as He is a prey god. He is predator and prey both, and a deity of death besides. He is, in many ways, a nearly perfect deity for this Path (Ha, who would’ve thought right?). If Cernunnos calls you down this Path, do not be surprised, or think that it is strange.

Herne: I will be frank: I know almost nothing about Herne the Hunter. My experience with Him is entirely based on some light UPG I’ve had, and the experiences of others I know. I do know that He is involved in bringing people into this Path already, and that He is, obviously, a hunter deity. My lack of experience with Him does not preclude Him from Pack Magic.

Lupa: The She-Wolf. Lupa is the wolf who saved and suckled Remus and Romulus, the founders of Rome. She is the great Mother-Wolf. She has Her fierceness, but, in my experience, She is gentle, nurturing, caring. A reminder that the wolf is not all savagery and flashing fangs. She is also the She-Wolf nursing Her cubs, and adopting strange, fur-less children as her own, protective and nurturing. For me, and confirmed by a trusted friend, She resonates very much just between Earth and Pack.

Loki: The Shapeshifter. Uncle Fox. Trickster. Loki gets a bad rep, mostly cause people don’t know how to separate out their Christian baggage. Don’t get me wrong, Loki can be a jerk, but in a lot of ways that’s his job. Loki is the father of Fenrisulfr. He’s the master of shapeshifting (making Him a great ally to a Path where shapeshifting can play a key role). He is the Cleverest, and has many lessons to teach (though I won’t make promises of their price). I love Him deeply. And He loves His people with a fierceness I cannot begin to describe. Bear in mind, where Loki goes, Odin is often close behind and vice versa. The two are a matched pair, reckless and ruthless. Loki is a wonderful ally and a terrible foe. He’s also a loving father and husband, and a beautiful friend.

Fenris: Fenris gets a worse rep than Loki. I fully expect to get hate mail for including them on this list. But people can fuck right off. I say this as an Odinsson, Fenris deserves respect. I don’t worship Him, but that’s not because I’m opposed to it necessarily. We just don’t have a relationship. However, several of my friends do. And they’ve described Fenris to me as a driving force of Revolution. All the destructive force and anger and ferocity that has ever been attributed to the wolf, all focused on tearing down the status-qo, on ripping down the whole of the system to start from scratch. I don’t know that I agree with scorched Earth revolution. But I won’t sit here and pretend I don’t get it. I will not sit here and play like I don’t understand the rage and frustration at a corrupt system that has betrayed its purpose and its people, or the desire to tear it all down. That is, of course, not all Fenris is. But I cannot speak from personal experience, so I will leave it here.

Apollo Lykeios: Apollo has a long and complicated mythology of associations with wolves, dating back to probably well before the Homeric period. Apollo’s other associations are many, and range from the sun and healing, to hunting, travel, and being a bringer of plagues. Apollo Lykeios has come to me as a sun god of this tradition, and also as a father figure to new pups so to speak. A figure who might be helpful to those newer to their path getting used to the idea of being wolf-spirited.

Dionysus: Dionysus is a complex deity, a primordial entity with a complicated historical record and mythology both modern and ancient. His associations range from animals (including wolves, He is most definitely a wolf god) to parties, to grapes and bees, to utter madness, the hunt, the arts, masks. From my understanding, He can be jovial and fun, even kind and caring. But also absolutely and utterly terrifying and dangerous. It’s good to remember that you can approach a god any way you like (again, I recommend courtesy and respect as a hard rule) but what mask they show you is up to them. And when those masks come off you may not like what you see, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to see it.

Wolf Ancestors: Just as there are Human Ancestors who watch over us, so too are there Wolf Ancestors. They watch. They advise. Much like Human Ancestors They have a vested interested in the continuation of their lines, both genetic and spiritual. Honestly there’s not that much more to say. This can be one of the most potent, vital, powerful spiritual connections you might make. Unlike many of the other entities on this list, Ancestors were once mortal. They get it in a way that other entities might not.

Wolf Spirited Ancestors: Wait, we just covered these, right? No. This is a different group of Ancestors. Those humans born with whole or part of their soul being wolf. Every culture has a different conception of them. For the Norse they were the Ulfhednar. Whatever they were known as, or in modern society *not* known as, these Ancestors were both human and wolf. In many ways They are the perfect guides and guardians for those that do and will walk this Path. For while this tradition may be new, in some ways the Path being walked in the same one that They did and always have.

This is not a complete list. There are wolf cults all over the world. To list every such spirit or deity would be literally impossible. If a deity or spirit on this list comes to you (honestly even if it’s one on this list), do your due diligence. Do your divination. Get blind divination from people you trust. If you don’t have such a person, reach out to me. I can read the Runes and/or direct you to other diviners I know and trust, respected Elders in the community. I have seen people’s lives turned upside down by corrupt spirits. It’s something best avoided if at all possible. Do your homework. I’m not saying “Never trust spirits”. I’m saying do your homework.

Pack Magic Energy System

EDIT: So after publishing this, I’ve had at least one person spontaneously initiate by following the meditation/exercise at the bottom. That isn’t the intention, but now that I know it’s a possible way to interact with these spirits this powerfully, I wanted to post a warning at the beginning here. Don’t want people walking in with their eyes closed, that’s shitty.

So. Energy systems. Most traditions I know of have one, or at least borrow one. And we all know which one is borrowed most often.

Chakras. If you’re familiar with the concept of chakras, you’re half-way to understanding how energy systems in general work. I’m a bastard child of America, when I first learned energy work, chakras was part of it. (Full respect to my teacher here. Mother Multiverse is brilliant, well researched and smart enough to know and say that the version she taught me is bastardized and not accurate to Yogic systems, but it functions so that’s what matters).

For those NOT familiar: chakras as essentially whirling balls of energy that exist within the body at certain general locations and they have certain functions and uses and purposes. They are energy centers, each chakra focusing on different kinds of energy, etc etc etc. brief BRIEF overview. I’m being very brief for a reason. Pack Magic does NOT use chakras.

Pack Magic has its own, unique energy system. This energy system is built from and tied into/representative of the tradition’s cosmology (although cosmology isn’t *quite* the right word). The system consists of 7 parts. 3 pairs of Objects/Actions all circling the central element of Pack, which is both Object and Action.

In order, the energy centers are:

Earth: this center is in the feet and extends just below. Earth is an Object energy center. Wolves are born underground, in the belly of the Earth. They do not emerge for weeks after being born. Not until they can see and hear and walk. Earth is kind of straightforward. It ties us to the ground beneath our feet, to the solid, physicality of the world around us. It also ties us to long, slow cycles. The turning of the seasons. The cycles of birth and life and death.

Silence: From the Silence of the Earth, The Pack is born. The Silence of the Prey feeds the Howl of The Pack. Silence is the second energy center. But center is the wrong word. The Silence is really a bridge. It bridges the other energy centers, connecting them, transferring energy back and forth among them, touching each, filling the body. It is strongest however between the Earth and the Pack, and between the Prey and the Pack. The Silence is another Object. The Silence is death. The state we walk close to during Hunt, in order to drive the Prey to their final Silence. The Silence also deals with the unconscious, and with non-verbal communication.

The Pack: existing in the center of mass (usually around the solar plexus), Pack is both Action and Object, the only center that is so. Pack is where most of the body’s personal energy is stored. It’s where the entirety of a persons energy springs from and where it all returns to. The Pack is the home that travels with you, in you and around you, and the tool used to create that home. It is the goal and the action that creates and achieves that goal. In many ways Pack is analogous to fire. It is fire as tool of creation and weapon, and also the hearth fire that is the center of the home (or was for a long time).

Howl: The Howl is another energetic bridge, and is the Action pair to Silence’s Object. Like Silence, Howl fills the body, but is strongest between Sky and Pack, and between Pack and Hunt. We Howl our thanks to the Sky, and the Sky Howls in return. The Pack Howls to begin the Hunt, to achieve the state of Silence. The Howl is life. It is active and vital, for only living things may Howl. Howl also deals with play and fun, and with conscious desires and verbal communication.

Sky: The Sky is located in the head and just above. The Sky is the Action paired with Earth. Sky connects us to the more ethereal, intellectual aspects of life. Things here one day and gone the next. It also connects us with shorter cycles. Day and night, weather cycles.

Hunt: The Hunt energy center is located in the hands. It is an Action center, paired with Prey. Humans interact with the world through our hands (barring disability). In so many ways the work of our hands are how we achieve our goals, how we enact our will upon the world. This is the energy of the Hunt. It is how we enact our will, our goals and desires. The Hunt is one of the primary ways that energy leaves the body to interact with the world, unleashed to Hunt the goals/Prey set for it. The Hunt reminds us that nothing is achieved without cost, and often that survival depends on chasing and failing over and over until we get it right.

Prey: The Prey center is in the mouth. In some ways it is the simplest and in other ways the most complicated. To be completely honest it is the center I understand the least. The Prey center is the primary way that energy enters the system. Prey is the Object center paired with the Action of Hunt. Prey reminds us what our goals are.

Obviously, this is an overview. At some point I’m planning on doing a deep dive of each center. Although at a certain point, words are meaningless without the practice to back them up.

So, as a practical example, I reccommend the following as a centering exercise: Begin at the Earth energy center in your feet. Feel it extending down below you, tying you to the Earth. If you prefer visualization, picture a ball of energy encompasing your feet and extending down into the ground. The ball should be the color of good, rich soil. Perhaps black or brown or red. It might smell of rich earth, or vegetation. It might feel like moss under your feet, firm but yeilding, soft, cool. This is the energy of the fecund Earth. From the Earth, new pups are born. Feel that energy gather there. From the Silence of the Earth, new wolves enter the Pack. Feel that new, vital life force travel up, through the Silence, for this is how new pups enter the Pack. The Silence bridges the gap between the Earth in your feet and the Pack in your solar plexus. For visualization, I see 10,000 (metaphorically, I see a bunch, not a specific number) of black or dark grey ribbons or paths, layered around each other, stretching from the Earth up to the Pack. Visualize that Earth energy moving up those paths, until it reaches the Pack. The Pack is another ball of energy. I see a hearth fire, the warmth of sharing a drink with my closest friends, and taste a roast, cooked to perfection. Let the color, scent, and feel of this center come to you spontaneously, whatever it is that fills you with power, makes you feel comfortable and at home. Visualize the energy of the Earth entering the Pack, revitalizing it and you. Feel the gathering of that power in your center. Feel the warmth, the comfort, the safety there. This is your home, the center and source of your power. Here you will always be safe. Here you will always be at home. Once you feel ready, reach up with that energy, up through the Howl and into the Sky. The Howl I see as blue-white currents of air, flowing gently, twisting around each other as they reach up from the Pack into the Sky. As the energy travels through the Howl, the currents quicken, strengthen. Turn from gentle breezes into distinct winds, and then into howling gale forces. This should not be frightening. These are YOUR winds, your Howl, sending energy up, up into your Sky. As the energy reaches your head, it will transfer into the Sky energy center. This I visualize as the bright white of sun-lit clouds, and smell the open sky on a spring day, or a winter day after a fresh snow, when the air is cold and crisp and clean and bright. Once you feel connected here, let the Sky answer the Pack’s Howl, let that energy flow back down throught the Howl of wind and the Silence of rain, back to the Pack. And from the Pack that energy then flows out again, through the Howl, down your arms, and into the Hunt. Howling signals the beginning of the Hunt. Feel the energy in both of your hands. Feel the strength and determination, the will to DO. To me, this energy center is red. The red of fire, the red of blood, the red of raw life. When wolves actually close on their prey, all howling ceases. The Hunt ends in Silence. They approach the edge of death in order to bring their Prey into death. And that is where the energy flows next. Often I wil actually reach out and grab the air with my hands, grabbing, Hunting, a piece of energy to bring into the system by physically bringing my hands up to my mouth. And from the Hunt, through the Silence, the energy goes into the Prey center. Generally speaking I don’t visualize this center, if I had to I would say that for me it is probably the grey color of fur. Mostly for me this center is about taste. In fact a friend reminded me that this is a great way to engage this energy center, eat something and really taste it, engage with this energy center and let the energy of the food flow into you through the Prey center, into the Silence and down into the Pack. The Silence of the Prey feeds the Howl of the Pack. As the energy from the Prey center flows back down, through the Silence and the Howl and into the Pack, you should be centered. Feel each center, feel the connecting bridges between them. Feel the energy in your body and how it flows. Make note of any impressions you get from each center and the interactions between and among them. Did you get different colors, feelings or sounds than I do? Did you connect to any center more strongly than any other? Please feel free to let me know in comments or reach out via email.


So. I started a blog. I knew I should for a long time, but I had no idea what I should write about, or why. I’m just some damn kid from South Carolina, brand new to my path. What the fuck do I know? And who the hell cares?

But, then, as should be obvious by the fact that I’m writing this, something changed. A fun experiment from a thing my teacher did very quickly turned into something much, MUCH bigger. And I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself. And since I had a blog half-built, this seemed pretty much the best way to get shit done.

I suppose I should introduce myself.

My name is Maleck Odinsson. I’m a Heathen, I’m a Spirit Worker, and most of the time I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. And I’m writing this blog as a way to bring Pack Magic to the world.

Pack Magic is probably going to be the focus of this blog, interspersed with random bits of spiritual topic of the week. At some point I’ll write up a longer post introducing myself. Of course if you’ve found this blog then you’re probably already at least SLIGHTLY familiar with me.

More importantly, what the fuck is Pack Magic?

Pretty simple really: Pack Magic is a fledgling initiated magical tradition born out of an experiment. The idea was pretty straightforward. Put yourself into the mindset of a wolf and do magic from their perspective. How might that be done? And as the thought-experiment grew, I quickly found that not only did it WORK, but also that there was a spirit of Wolf and a spirit of Pack waiting for me, wanting to interact, wanting a relationship. And wanting to this to be shared.

Another thing that’s important to point out is some things that Pack Magic IS NOT.

It isn’t a religion. While I encourage devotional relationships, Pack Magic isn’t a religion in its own right. Most of the spirits in this tradition appreciate but don’t necessarily desire worship (at least in the traditional Western sense of the word).

It isn’t a mutually exclusive path. It’s completely possible to be initiated into Pack Magic while being a part of other traditions, etc. Polytheism is a religion/philosophy of AND, not OR. While I can definitely understand why some traditions might demand they be followed exclusively, that is not the case here.

I think that’s it for now.

Coming soon will be posts about:

Pack Magic’s Energy System

An Overview of Pack Magic Spirits

An Overview of Initiations

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