Pack Magic

What is The Pack?

The Pack is a powerful, gestalt Míkilvaettir (Great Spirit).

The Pack is a genuinely massive spirit. It touches every wolf, whether physical or spiritual, in at least some way.

The Pack is, in effect, the conscious spirit of every pack of wolves, big or small, physical or spiritual. It is, by its very nature, plural. It isn’t the spirit of Wolf, though the two are obviously related. Nor is it the spirit of just any group of animals or living things. The Pack is not, for example, the spirit of pods of whales or groves of trees. It is specifically wolves.

Pack Magic

Pack Magic is an initiated tradition that is being developed by myself and a few others. It is an ongoing project. As more is developed and explored, I will will continuosly update this page and put (probably over-long) posts in my blog feed.

I am the founder of this tradition (at least in this meatspace time frame), but it is brand fucking new. It is a work in progress. I am learning new things pretty much every damn day.

So what the fuck is it?

It is a path dedicated to a series of wolf spirits and deities and centered, in many ways, on the spirit of The Pack. There are three levels of initiation. There are two seperate (but connected) energy systems that this tradition uses. At some point there will be oaths, but I’m not sure what they will be yet. Some will be required, some will be optional. Once someone has attained a given rank, they will be able to initiate others up to that rank.

My writing on this blog will be about the first level. I won’t be writing about the second and third level. Period.

Of course there’s already plently of content on the blog and more forthcoming.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

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