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Pack Magic

What is The Pack?

The Pack is a powerful, gestalt Míkilvaettir (Great Spirit).

The Pack is a genuinely massive spirit. It touches every wolf, whether physical or spiritual, in at least some way.

The Pack is, in effect, the conscious spirit of every pack of wolves, big or small, physical or spiritual. It is, by its very nature, plural. It isn’t the spirit of Wolf, though the two are obviously related. Nor is it the spirit of just any group of animals or living things. The Pack is not, for example, the spirit of pods of whales or groves of trees.

Pack Magic

Pack Magic is an initiated tradition that is being developed by myself and a few others. It is inherently polytheist and animist in perspective. There are a great number of gods and spirits in this tradition, and it blends well into other polytheistic worldviews (for example I am also a Heathen, coming from the worldview of the Well and the Tree).

It is a path dedicated to a series of wolf spirits and deities and centered, in many ways, on the spirit of The Pack. As it has been put to me in times past, “This is about re-connecting to the wolves who forgot themselves when they became human. And also about connecting to humans (and not-quite humans) again, as wolves did once long ago.” In a lot of ways this is a path dedicated to Ancestral memories and the spirits of those who walked these roads before us, and trying to pave an easier way for those who may come after us.

While wolves and wolf spirits are part of religions all over the world, this particular iteration is brand new and being developed all the time.

It is an ongoing project. As more is developed and explored, I will will continuosly update this page and put (probably over-long) posts in my blog feed.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

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